Why Electricity Shortage in Pakistan?

Load shedding in Pakistan

Load shedding in PakistanThe shortage in electricity production in Pakistan is worsening day by day which is causing long break downs and load shedding as called by government.  The crisis started about a year ago when all of sudden the electricity consumption increased to a point where all the electricity producing sources failed to fullfil the demand. Appearently it is a matter of supply and demand as the government officials are also claiming. But is it really the truth?

Major portion of electricity in Pakistan is through hydle power generation. Then other contribution is from thermal power plants which are mostly managed and operated by private power production companies. Government of Pakistan has agreements with these power producers to purchase electricity at a mutually agreed price. Unfortunately, government of Pakistan had stopped payments to these private power producers as a result the power production has been stopped at these thermal power plants.  The aging electricity distrubution system of the country could not handle the shortage and there are major faults very frequently on other electricty generation facilities.  Now in some areas the load shedding duration has reached 16 hours a day.

There is no shortage in the electricity production capacity in Pakistan at all. It is lack of commitment on goverment part that is pushing the country and its economy deeper into this crisis.  How much productivity has been lost during the last one year or so due to energy crisis in the country? Can government planners answer this question.

It appears that government of Pakistan care the least about this situation through which people of Pakistan are going as there is no load shedding for primeminister of Pakistan. Can Primeminister of Pakistan live just a single day with out power as the his other country fellows are suffering?

August 27th, 2008 by