Why Electricity Shortage in Pakistan?

Load shedding in PakistanThe shortage in electricity production in Pakistan is worsening day by day which is causing long break downs and load shedding as called by government.  The crisis started about a year ago when all of sudden the electricity consumption increased to a point where all the electricity producing sources failed to fullfil the demand. Appearently it is a matter of supply and demand as the government officials are also claiming. But is it really the truth?

Major portion of electricity in Pakistan is through hydle power generation. Then other contribution is from thermal power plants which are mostly managed and operated by private power production companies. Government of Pakistan has agreements with these power producers to purchase electricity at a mutually agreed price. Unfortunately, government of Pakistan had stopped payments to these private power producers as a result the power production has been stopped at these thermal power plants.  The aging electricity distrubution system of the country could not handle the shortage and there are major faults very frequently on other electricty generation facilities.  Now in some areas the load shedding duration has reached 16 hours a day.

There is no shortage in the electricity production capacity in Pakistan at all. It is lack of commitment on goverment part that is pushing the country and its economy deeper into this crisis.  How much productivity has been lost during the last one year or so due to energy crisis in the country? Can government planners answer this question.

It appears that government of Pakistan care the least about this situation through which people of Pakistan are going as there is no load shedding for primeminister of Pakistan. Can Primeminister of Pakistan live just a single day with out power as the his other country fellows are suffering?


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  1. It is not just the situation in Pakistan, I think all the governments in third world countries don’t care at all about the people. They are more interested in their own lavish life and increasing their wealth.

  2. Asim Nafees Rehan on

    The electricity shortage is worsening day be day. It is really shame on the part of the present government who have failed to handle the electricity affairs. Despite giving the releif to the poor nation they have increased the tariffs manifold. A number of industries has diminished its working. People accross the country are being affecting from such shortages. A sudden power breakdown since the taking over of the government is beyond imagination. An year back it was not the situation which we are facing now a days. The Governemnt should opt to work agressively fo power sector rather than opting the short cut by increasing the power tarrif. Despite putting burden on consumers they must strive to cut down the theft menace of the electricity. Line losses are touching 40% in karachi and in all other major cities it ranges from 10 to 30%. If this so called democratic government succeed in curtailing the line losses then it will be much beneficial for the poor nation. By decreasing the power tarrif the manufacturing cost at factories will proportionally be economical. The Goverment should take steps on war emrgency basis to explore alternate energy resources icluding coal, hydro, wind and nuclear energy despite investing and consuming huge foriegn currency on thermal power generation using furnace oil and available gas resources. We know that our huge dependence lies in either oil or in gas. This also are being end up in depleting the gas reserves. Once the so called democratic government succed in enhancing alternate energy production avenues. The foreign exchange along wiht the gas reserves will be saved for transport and domestic use. This will bring down the transportation cost. Tpt cost couple with power tarrif will boost the industrial growth and bring the country at par with china and other developing countries. I pray that may Almighty help us and give wisdom to the high officials to think about the country.

  3. I completely agree to the point that the government is interested in accumalating wealth for their interests and the fault starts from the Pakistan’s who chose a criminal jack-ass to lead the government…..

  4. nothing will happen unless we return back to the age of slavery.. it is our worst truth. we are getting for nothing day by day. after a very soon period we will be occupied as afghanistan iraq and kashmir.
    because we do not thinking about any thing. this is 2009 and we are the only one country in the present world. who had facing this worst problem called load shedding. SHAME ON US

  5. We had a choice either Musharraf and continuation of the economic growth OR restoration of Iftikhar Chaudhry and Zardari. When burdened by a choice between “two evils” men usually chose “lesser of the two evils”. I guess, this makes Chaudhry and Zardari lesser of the two evils (Musharraf and Aziz).


    Above is a list of the dream-team assembled by our “elected” PM and President. Sheds a clear light on reasons behind the current turmoil.

  6. Neha you are right. It is the corruption that is not letting people in power to end this situation.

  7. we r facing this problem due to the miss management.and the policy maker in the country

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